Screencasting Tips and Tricks from Mac Screencast Productions


At Mac Screencast Productions, we offer a wide range of services for your screencasting needs, from full production to providing voice-overs or animated segments for your in-house screencasts. Whether it be a short introductory screencast with motion graphics or a series of in-depth video tutorials, we have you covered. We have produced videos for many leading Mac developers, including Roxio, BeLight Software, DEVONtechnologiesApparent Software, and others.

What’s involved in building a screencast from the ground up?

  • Scenario and script
  • Voice-over
  • Video design
  • Motion graphics
  • Filming (OK, screen capture)
  • Post production
  • Export for HTML5 playback on all platforms

How do you work?

Our main focus is to efficiently produce quality screencasts that our clients will be proud to have on their sites. We do that by being the best in our field, paying close attention to detail, and making sure the client is engaged in the process from start to finish.

Um, what if I have a Windows app or web service?

No problem at all. We do specialize in (AKA are passionate about) Mac and iOS apps, but we’re happy to produce screencasts for all types of products.

OK, so when can we start?

Fill out our contact form or email us to receive a quote and get the ball rolling. Note that for large projects, it’s best to get in touch with us a few months ahead of your product’s release.