Screencasting Tips and Tricks from Mac Screencast Productions


This is our portfolio. We are proud to say that we have produced screencasts for some of the leaders in the Mac software world, including Roxio, BeLight Software (as a full-time part of the marketing team), DEVONtechnologiesApparent Software, and many others. However, we like to think that our work speaks for itself. Here are just a couple of examples.

Roxio Toast 11

We had a lot of fun creating the tutorials for Roxio Toast 11. The icon seemed to just beg to be animated. This is a quick walkthrough of the interface and changes to the workflow.

Image Tricks

This video was produced by Ray East as a full-time member of the marketing team at BeLight Software (as opposed to being contracted to Mac Screencast Productions). Some motion graphics in the beginning, together with a really sweet background tune.

DEVONagent Express

This was one of the first screencasts we did for DEVONtechnologies. The goal here was to use motion graphics to give the viewer a visual idea of the problem this particular app solves.